It's been a while since the photographic exhibition staged by the Canadian photographer Cregory Colbert left Mexico City's main plaza the Zocalo, but it still lays heavy on everyones soul. We thought we'd share a couple of images and links to the show (eventhough it's more like an installation) and please, please, whatever you do, if you have the chance to be in or near a city where the expo will take place, please go and check it out. The images are breathtaking and you remain in utter awe and disbelief at what Cobert managed to capture through his lens. The huge debate is whether he actually staged them all, whether they are all natural moments or if our friendly neighborhood photoshop had anything to do with the perfection of the images, but in the end what matters is what they transmit. It's been months since Lucia anxiously stood in line to get in and she still talks so positively about it. She was moved, touched and blown-away by the sheer magnitude of the project. She purchased a couple of images which she proudly shows at any opportunity possible. Don't tell her but we think she's a fan! Her favorite is the one of the young buddhist child with the eagle wings. Inspirational!

Link to Gregory Colbert's expo. site:

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