Like every March-April for the past couple of years, Akumal was fortunate enough to share the talent of one of Galeria Lamanai's exclusive artists (and friend), Iliana Pamanes. You all know her work, it's so unique that it could never be mistaken for someone else's. Each time Iliana comes, we try to shake things up and give her new and fun challenges. This time, Lucia found some antique wooden shoehorns which she had Iliana transform, and naturally the result was nothing less that perfection. 

For those who aren't so familiar with Iliana's work, she generally paints with oil on canvas. Her subjects of choice are regularly characters suffering matters of the heart and soul while experiencing some of life's more mundane moments. Some drink tequila, others contemplate their losses over a cup of coffee. The final result is a haunting reflection of the here and now. For years now, Iliana has also enjoyed painting her subjects on everyday wooden utensils, wooden boxes, and even wine boxes, all of which are a huge part of the collection Galeria Lamanai has on display.

Again we thank Iliana for coming, for sharing with all of us her very intimate perception of life and we can't wait to have her back very soon. By the way, this time she brought a little treat for all of us, our friend and fellow artist Aram Huerta.   

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