June was a crazy month for Lucia and everyone at the Galeria, so, when the going gets tough, the tough... go travel through Mexico's beautiful landscapes to visit friends and to stock up on all kinds of beautiful treasures to be able to share them with you!

Lucia checked in on Iliana Pamanes in Xalapa and spent some time looking at work from possible new artists for the gallery (along with a couple of late nights, and ok, just a one or two tequilas!). She took time to visit her old friend Hugo Tovar, whose pieces are extremely popular with our clients. Check his work out on the website, he's doing some amazing work! Also, a trip around that area would not be complete without popping in to see Jacobo and Maria Angeles and their beautiful children who are slowly becoming little adults. Their smiles make any trip worth the while! Lucia brought back alot of their pieces and almost all are already gone.  No fret, more are on the way! We'll have to showcase the process of their work. It's so intricate and detailed, it's fascinating. Lucia hadn't seen Manuel Velazquez in a while and was thrilled to discover his new pieces. A couple of them have already sold at the Gallery and the reaction has been nothing but positive. 

This trip Lucia met and is proud to present a new a member of the Galeria Lamanai family: Walfred Rodriguez. We'll showcase his work in another post so you get a better feel for what he does. We so hope you like him as much as we do. Again, he has already sold a couple of pieces and it looks as though he'll become another of ours and your favourites.

Lucia wanted to share a few pictures of her friends with you, these friends that are the heart and soul of Galeria Lamanai. Without them Galeria Lamanai simply wouldn't be. They are the fuel that lights Lucia's passion and her inspiration to keep going and presenting you with such talented creators. She hopes you enjoy them and, oh wait, if you look carefully you might even spot her dear friend from Mexico City: 'El Grillo.'

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